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M. Devikaa, N. Koteeswara Reddyb, c, K. Rameshc, F. Patolskyb, K.R. Gunasekhard


6 May 2009


This work explores the electrical properties of p-SnS/n-ITO heterojunction at different temperatures. The p-type SnS film was deposited on n-type ITO substrate using the thermal evaporation technique and its junction properties were studied using two probe method. The as-grown p–n junction exhibited weak rectifying behaviour with a low saturation current of the order of ∼10−6 A. While increasing temperature, the saturation current of the junction is increased and however, its series resistance decreased. At all temperatures the junction exhibited three types of transport mechanisms depending on applied bias-voltage. At lower voltages the junction showed nearly ideal diode characteristics. The junction behaviour with respect to bias-voltage and temperature is discussed with the help of existing theories and energy band diagram.

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