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M. Devika1, N. Koteeswara Reddy, Fernando Patolsky, K. Ramesh2, and K. R. Gunasekhar

December 30, 2009


This letter explores the structural behavior of nanocrystalline tin mono sulfide (SnS)structures with respect to temperature (100–600 K). These studies emphasize that the structural properties of SnSnanocrystallinestructures depend on the surrounding temperature. The lattice parameters of SnS nanocrystals slightly varied like their microstructures with the increase of temperature. These changes strongly influence the optical properties of SnSnanostructures. On the other hand, the structures exhibited higher strain (∼0.44%) than that of microstructured (0.3%) and bulk (0.12%) counterparts. The observed results are discussed under the light of existing concepts and reported.

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