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December 17, 2008


Selection of Ohmic contacts to SnSfilms is one of the crucial tasks for the fabrication of efficient SnS devices. Thus, we examined different nonalloyed metallization schemes, namely, Ag, Al, In, and Sn to SnSfilms since their Fermi level pins exactly in between the conduction and valance bands of SnS. To explore the Ohmic behavior of M/SnS (M=Ag,Al,In,Sn) structures, the electrical properties of as-grown structures have been studied at different temperatures. From these studies it is noticed that at room temperature all M/SnSstructures, except Ag/SnS, have an excellent Ohmic behavior over the voltage range from −10 to 10 V. However, Ag/SnS structures showed Ohmic trend only in the voltage range of ±6 V. The stability of the M/SnSstructures was also examined by annealing them at different temperatures (300–500 °C) and the obtained peculiar results are reported.

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