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CM Lieber, Y Fang, F Patolsky

US Patent 9,102,521, 2015


The present invention generally relates to nanoscale wire devices and methods for use in determining nucleic acids or other analytes suspected to be present in a sample. For example, a nanoscale wire device can be used to detect single base mismatches within a nucleic acid (e.g., by determining association and/or dissociation rates). In one aspect, dynamical information such as a binding constant, an association rate, and/or a dissociation rate, can be determined between an analyte and a binding partner immobilized relative to a nanoscale wire. In some cases, the nanoscale wire includes a first portion comprising a metal-semiconductor compound, and a second portion that does not include a metal-semiconductor compound. The binding partner, in some embodiments, is immobilized relative to at least the second portion of the nanoscale wire, and the size of the second portion of the nanoscale wire may be minimized and/or controlled in some instances.

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