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Paolo Livi,* ,†,∥ Moria Kwiat, ‡ Amir Shadmani, † Alexander Pevzner, ‡ Giulio Navarra, § Jörg Rothe, †,⊥ Alexander Stettler, † Yihui Chen, † Fernando Patolsky, ‡ and Andreas Hierlemann †


September 8, 2015


We present a monolithic complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-based sensor system comprising an array of silicon nanowire field-effect transistors (FETs) and the signal-conditioning circuitry on the same chip. The silicon nanowires were fabricated by chemical vapor deposition methods and then transferred
to the CMOS chip, where Ti/Pd/Ti contacts had been patterned via e-beam lithography. The on-chip circuitry measures the current flowing through each nanowire FET upon applying a constant source-drain voltage. The analog signal is digitized on chip and then transmitted to a receiving unit. The system has been successfully fabricated and tested by acquiring I−Vcurves of the bare nanowire-based FETs.
Furthermore, the sensing capabilities of the complete system have been demonstrated by recording current changes upon nanowire exposure to solutions of different pHs, as well as by detecting different concentrations of Troponin T biomarkers (cTnT) through antibody-functionalized nanowire FETs.

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