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F Patolsky, Y Engel, R Elnathan

US Patent 9,063,053, 2015


Devices, methods and systems for detecting nitro-containing compounds such as TNT, which utilize semiconductor nanostructures modified by a functional moiety that interacts with the nitro-containing compound, are disclosed. The functional moiety is attached to the nanostructures and is being such that upon contacting a sample that contains the nitro-containing compound, the nanostructure exhibits a detectable change in an electrical property, which is indicative of the presence and/or amount of the nitro-containing compound in the sample. Electronic noses for generating recognition patterns of various nitro-containing compounds, made of a plurality of nanostructures modified by versatile functional moieties are also disclosed. The devices, methods and systems are suitable for detecting nitro-containing compounds in both liquid and gaseous states and for detecting a concentration of a nitro-containing compound such as TNT as low as attomolar concentrations.

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