Prof. Fernando Patolsky’s research group in School of Chemistry, Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences in Tel Aviv University is a dynamic and young scientific team. ‘A team that always seeks for excellence and challenging research’. Nano science and Nanobiotechnology are our main fields of interest and specialization.


Our work is focused on applied research for the development of novel applications and technologies. We cover the entire spectrum, starting from basic nanostructures synthesis and basics of the nano science, to the development of ultrasensitive sensors and biosensors for the detection of molecular and biomolecular species. We have special interest on the coupling between biological phenomena and chemical reactions concerning the development of new sensing and diagnostic tools. We are also interested on “energy-related” research, and in particular on the development of novel, cost-effective and efficient Fuel Cell devices.


For a more detailed overview check the ‘Research’ section. Our group’s facilities are located in several rooms within the Tel Aviv University campus and cover most of the needs for our research. We have our own clean-room, with all the equipment required for fabrication of nanodevices. We have probe stations, several sensing stations and AFM for the broad characterization of the nanodevices, wet chemical labs, and electrochemistry extensively equipped labs, biosensing labs and a cell culture lab for the growth and evaluation of neural systems. Check the ‘Lab Facilities’ menu for a detailed presentation of the group’s equipment. Beside our own facilities, we have access to the university facilities SEM, TEM etc., the Nano Center facilities, and the Engineering Faculty facilities. Prof. Patolsky invites highly motivated graduate students and post-docs, willing to conduct challenging and intriguing research, to join the group and be part of this leading team.

Contact Us

30 Haim Levanon st., Ramat Aviv

Tel Aviv 69978

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